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I-Think is a non-profit organization that builds future-ready problem solvers, who tackle messy, complex real-world challenges with tenacity, optimism and confidence.


Students are innovative thinkers who provide useful insights to real-world problems. Too often, they are given problems that have a single, right or expected answer. When the problems they solve are complex, real-world problems - they become agents of change because they know their thinking matters.

To date, we have created learning experiences for:

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To transform their practice by making real world problem solving core to students’ learning



To activate shifts in culture that galvanize the school community



To build pathways for students to tackle real world problems that they care about

School & School Board Partners

The schools and school boards we work with are re-imagining education to transform students’ lives. We have worked with teachers, principals and superintendents from among the largest school districts in Canada to the smallest, so that every school is a place that fosters student well-being, deep learning and problem solving.



Embedding real-world problem solving into the classroom delivers a lasting impact on school communities. I-Think Challenge Kits are a comprehensive resource for teachers to bring real-world problem solving to the classroom by providing all necessary building blocks: real problems, a real audience, and a replicable process.

We build bridges between organizations with real-world problems and innovative educators interested in building student capacity for critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Together, we activate real-world problem solving experiences that are approachable, sophisticated and transformative. 

We’re building a mechanism for changing the education system that has benefits both now and in the future




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